Trophy Bass
5 1/2 lb. Trophy Smallmouth
Walleye- Released
Fishing at it's best!
With our central location, it enables our guests easy access to some of the finest fishing spots on Eagle Lake- many of which are only a short distance away.
Eagle Lake has been noted for many years as one of the finest, if not the best muskie lakes in North America, with many trophy fish caught and released each year.
Eagle Lake also abounds with the ever popular walleye, eating and trophy size.
There is also the littlest of great fighters, the smallmouth bass, which have come to be most plentiful.
Then of course we have the great northern pike which makes a delicious meal, or trophy mount, as there are also many trophy northern in Eagle Lake.
A fishing trip to Eagle Lake would not be complete without taking the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable shorelunch. Nothing compares to succulent walleye or northern fillets, as they are brought in from the water and enjoyed on the shores of our beautiful waters.