My brother and I left early Saturday morning for our annual moose hunt in Eagle Lake Ontario. Weather was good and we made go time up to the border. Crossed the border with no problems and headed down 502. The colors on 502 we have never seen before, normally all the trees are bare.

Hwy 502 én route to Evergreen Lodge

We arrived in camp after 13 hours on the road, had a good dinner, and got ready for the next morning. Sunday, we went out and did some scouting and some fishing. Non-residents are not allowed to hunt till Monday.


Monday morning we were up early and left in the dark. Temps were in the mid to upper 40's. We came home in the dark with nothing to show for. Tuesday morning same thing, out in the dark and came home in the dark with nothing to show. We did do some fishing here and there. The temperatures were too warm and the animals were up high in the hills where they had food and water. Wednesday, we went out early again and walked into the bush onto some old logging roads that we know of. We saw some sign and then we knew that they were up high. Thursday morning we went road hunting.


We walked up some old 4x4 trails. We did not even see a grouse. We walked several of our favorite grouse trails without seeing any. We traveled over 200 miles on the road that day. On our last day we awoke to a good frost.


We hunted long and hard that day, and still came up empty handed. We needed more people with us to walk the clear cuts and slashes. Here are some of the areas that we hunted.


Eagles were everywhere.


Otherwise, the fishing was very good. Walleyes did not disappoint.


The walleyes were all between 18 and 24 inches. While walleye fishing, these big girls always show up.


Northern Pike were a little slow with the biggest being 36 inches. Soul seekers did the job on the bigger Northerns (:thanks Bob).


The weather seemed to be 2 weeks behind because even the smallmouths were not on the humps yet.


While we were hunting we ran into some guys we know from the south suburbs that were fishing on the south end of the lake. One was walleye fishing, and the other was casting for musky.


Last of all, the perch fishing was outstanding. Four feet of water and green weeds produced all the jumbo perch.


We were fishing one of our productive perch spots. I landed a 13 inch jumbo perch, and then it completely just down. When we were about to leave, my brother said "Wait a minute, I've got a big fish on." 6 LB test and 1/8 jig landed this big girl.


All in all, we had a great trip with good old friends from Evergreen Lodge. Until next year.